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Organization Name
Price of first gift
First Gift Description
Price of second gift
Second Gift Description
Price of third gift
Third Gift Description
Price of fourth gift
Fourth Gift Description
Open Gift Description
Advocacy Center of Tompkins County10Snacks for children who are meeting with a Counselor to support their healing from abuse. 20Education materials for 10 college RAs on sexual violence, consent and our 24 hour hotline. 30An Enough Abuse Campaign parent workshop to prevent child sexual abuse in Tompkins County. 50Holiday celebration for family of 4 in our confidential domestic violence shelter.Helping domestic and sexual abuse survivors find safety and support through our 24 hour hotline.
Akwesasne Freedom School5paint to brighten up the "language nest" for Mohawk toddlers 10winterizing and roofing supplies for harsh Akwesasne winters15tools and supplies for raised bed gardens25lumber to repair playground & stagehelp to sustain the Mohawk language and culture through supporting the Akwesasne Freedom School
Amnesty International Group #735Brings power to the pen! Mails petitions to senators, governors, US President & Ambassadors in D.C.15Supports transportation of local refugee & activists to immigration hearings & training sessions.25Mails Letters to Leaders of Internalt. Communities/Heads of Foreign States defending the oppressed.
50Supports Amnesty's Ithaca Group's monthly newsletter, printing costs & local advocacy initiatives.
Equipping the next generation! Trains an exceptional college student in educational/leadership.
BJM Academic Plus5Purchase supplies for k-5 students to use during homework, cooking, and other enrichment clubs.10To support Literacy, Arts, Music, and Multicultural programming for k-5 graders.20To support overall focused, hands on and experiential learning in the area of STEM education.25To purchase a badly needed laptop computer.Scholarships for children from low-income families.
Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes5Refreshments for support groups10 Purchase a book for our lending library20Wig, hat or head scarf for an individual who has lost their hair25Teddy bears for a touch of comfort for a person with cancer Angel Fund which provides emergency cash assistance to individuals with cancer in our community.
Catholic Charities Tompkins/Tioga5Provide a package of personal hygiene items (shampoo, dish soap etc.) for a low income household 10Support the social justice advocacy work of Catholic Charities’ Justice & Peace Ministry 15Support the Immigrant Children’s Fund for assistance with education & activities20 Provide a gas card for a low income person seeking or maintaining employmentHelp Catholic Charities’ Samaritan Center provide emergency assistance to people in crisis
Cayuga Lake Watershed Network5for fish food (and equipment) for a "Trout In The Classroom" aquarium.15to protect our creeks and lake from pollution.20for one student to participate in a field trip on Cayuga Lake in 2016.25to protect the drinking water of everyone, in our countryside and towns. to help update the Cayuga Lake Watershed Restoration & Protection Plan.
Centre d'Education Inclusif5Lay a brick to build the foundations for our inclusive school in Les Cayes, Haiti.10Support our construction plans to create a physically inclusive environment for disabled students.20Support the living expenses of our volunteers who travel to and work in Haiti.50Empower our future students by providing scholarships and reducing transportation expenses. Contribute to our mission of providing inclusive education for Haitian youth with disabilities.
Coalition for Healthy School Food5Provide food for three children in a cooking class featuring plant-based entrees.10Provide a Cool School Food tasting experience for 60 children in their school cafeteria.20Supply all of the ingredients for 10 kids in a cooking class that makes healthy school food fun!25Provide a nutrition education class promoting whole plant foods, and a healthy snack to 25 children. Provide nutrition education resources and classes, or cooking class supplies.
Coalition to Protect New York (CPNY)5printing 50 tri-fold brochures about the impacts of fracking on human and animal health10buying a projector to use in educating about democracy, climate, and fossil fuels infrastructure 15forums so people can see how fracking infrastructure specifically affects their own communities20trainings for local community residents to learn about democracy and how to reclaim self-governancethe Hilary Acton Memorial Activists Mutual Support Fund for fossil fuel/climate activists in crisis
Community Dispute Resolution Center5A Conflict Managers Training Book for one elementary school student10Organic refreshments for CDRC's 58 volunteer mediators during one of three annual in-services20A "Facilitating Heated Public Meetings" handbook for one of your local elected officials25Support a mediation session for elders and their families struggling with the challenges of agingSupport No-Cost mediation services to families in crisis and/or transition
Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA)5Helps purchase art materials for children’s classes at the Community School of Music and Arts.10Helps pay concert expenses of the Ithaca Children & Youth Chorus.25Supports tuition discounts for seniors studying at the Community School of Music and Arts.30Supports scholarships for low-income community members studying at CSMA.Supports CSMA's mission of making arts education accessible to all in our community.
Danby Community Park Association (DCPA)5Let's climb! Kids will have a blast scrambling up and down the boulder scramble.10Let's slide! Help build our natural playground's "hillslides." Zoom! Whee!15Let it snow! Let's reshape the sledding hill to make it the best kid-friendly sledding in town.25Let's play! Kindle love for nature-based play for generations to come with our natural playground.Let it grow! Honor a "tree hugger" with park stewardship; promote community & preserve open space.
Dream Factory of Central New York5Provide a disposable camera for a critically or chronically ill child to capture their dream. 10Dream experience backpack with t-shirt, camera, book, diary, snacks, games25Support specialized extras for computer dreams: supersized screens, music, movies, games.50Travel costs for a Dream child's experience: limousine, airfare, race car, customized bicycle.Help create a moment of a lifetime for a critically or chronically ill child. Dreams do come true!
Dryden O.U.R.S. Rural Youth Services of CCETC5Provide supplies for youth and their mentors to complete STEM-related activities and projects10Add books and literacy games to the O.U.R.S., teen-run, mini-library at our main program site15Support van-transportation to our program site for 40 low-income youth that otherwise lack rides25Provide the most delicious part of our Program—HEALTHY SNACKS! 1 week of fresh food for O.U.R.S. Help underprivileged youth build life-long skills, healthy self-image, and a sense of belonging
Educate the Children5Seeds for 3 women to start kitchen gardens and feed their families more nutritious food10"Healing support book" for 10 kids, to help those still suffering from post-quake trauma20Seeds for Ag in Schools program so kids can learn the dignity/importance of agricultural profession30Female goat to assist a woman farmer in starting her own business and establishing income securityAssist Nepali women and children in rebuilding and improving their lives and community post-quake
Ellis Hollow Community Center5MOVIES UNDER THE STARS - free to all, an outdoors double feature family fun movie night with popcorn10APPLE TREES FOR THE BEES - help regreen the field and support area honey bees!15ENERGY EFFICIENCY & GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY - weather proofing the windows in the nursery school room20SHELTERS FOR KIDS' GAME BOOTHS - pop up tents for protection from rain/heat during the country fairLOCAL MUSICIAN FREE CONCERTS - support area music & arts in summer concerts for the community!
Finger Lakes Independence Center5Provide educational materials for disability outreach presentations with children10Provide educational materials for disability outreach presentations with HS & college students20Help purchase wheelchair ramps for homes, to loan to those who need them25Help purchase transport wheelchairs to loan to those who need them, to increase mobilityPromote independence & inclusion for people with disabilities, through outreach & advocacy
Finger Lakes ReUse, Inc.5Help sponsor a student in the Finger Lakes ReUse Job Skills Training Program10Help save 33 trees by supporting a deconstruction project.15Help provide a reduced-price computer to a low-income family in Tompkins County.25Help community members in times of need by giving to the ReUse Community Fund.Support the Finger Lakes ReUse mission to enhance community, economy, and environment through reuse.
Foodnet Meals on Wheels5A fresh hot meal delivered to a frail older adult or disabled person living in Tompkins County.10A “Blizzard Bag” with plenty of food for one person to eat during a weather-related emergency.15A week’s worth of prepared sandwiches with fruit or juice and milk.25A home visit for nutrition counseling to help a frail older adult restore and maintain health.Help us bring meals to neighbors who have difficulty shopping & preparing meals for themselves.
Friends of the Ithaca Youth Bureau5Provide a book or educational supplies for Tot Spot, IYB's early childhood development program.10Join the Community Mentoring Challenge to support College Discovery and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.15Help fund improvements to the community's Cass Park ice rink.25Support year-round programs for local children and adults with disabilities.Support IYB's scholarship fund to keep programs accessible for all families in our community.
Friendship Donations Network5A tasty gift: Recipes and tips for preparing local produce to be distributed at a food pantry.10Delivery of 1,000 lbs of fresh, healthy food to a local food pantry serving people in need.
15This very cool gift powers FDN’s CoolBot for 1 month, storing perishable food for pantries.
25Adopt a Neighborhood Food Hub: Provides supplies to collect excess produce from local gardeners.This gift supports the mission and vision of FDN: to rescue food and reduce hunger.
Gadabout Transportation Service, Inc.5This gift provides round-trip rider fare to dialysis or other medical appointments.10This gift purchases enough gas for a Gadabout bus to travel 20 miles.15This gift purchases enough gas for a Gadabout bus to travel 30 miles.25This gift covers the actual unsubsidized cost of a one-way Gadabout ride.This gift supports accessible transportation for elderly and disabled people within Tompkins County.
GO Golden Opportunity5This gift provides healthy snacks for hungry children during tutoring sessions10This gift enables supervision and transportation of GO students in rural areas15This gift provides two paperback books to help open a child's mind to a lifelong love of learning25This gift supports in-service training of tutors to keep them abreast of changes in curriculumThis gift provides funding for tutoring youth needing academic support in early or middle years
GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP)5Covers 1 child's dinner while parents meet to build food self-reliance in Tompkins County.5Supports an educational, fun activity at the 2016 Food Justice Fair!20Training for 2 citizen journalists on the Hot Potato Press to build food self-reliance.25Provides 5 healthy meals at free food networking sessions to strengthen the local food system.Helps GSCP collaboratively build a local food system that's fair for all and healthy for the Earth!
Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming51 pound of cover crop seeds that nourish soil & help our Incubator farmers grow organic food. 105 sq. ft of compost for the Incubator Farm, where beginning farmers start learning to grow.151 membership for a low-income individual, incl. tuition discounts & access to free programs.20Gift to our scholarship program for diverse farmers participating in hands-on training programs.Engages diverse learners, building sustainable land-based livelihoods & equitable food systems.
Habitat for Humanity of Tompkins and Cortland Counties15Help purchase LED lighting for Ithaca’s first Habitat for Humanity ReStore.25Help fund our recycling program at Ithaca’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
35Help fund our Deconstruction Program, so we can remove items from a house before demolition.
50Help purchase a truck, to pick up donations, for Ithaca’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Support the startup of Ithaca’s first Habitat for Humanity ReStore- Home improvement with a heart.
Hangar Theatre5Make the transition from page to stage, sponsor a stage prop!10Help the actors look the part, sponsor a costume!20Provide tuition assistance for kids in Next Generation School of Theatre.25Give a family the chance to attend a KIDDSTUFF show for free, provide Pay-What-You-Can tickets.Support the Hangar Theatre’s mission to provide exceptional live theatre and education programs.
Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair5Assist with expenses involved in organizing and hosting the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair15Assist with expenses involved in organizing and hosting the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair25Assist with expenses involved in organizing and hosting the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair50Assist with expenses involved in organizing and hosting the Ithaca Alternative Gift FairAssist with expenses involved in organizing and hosting the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair
Ithaca Carshare5to offset 800 vehicle miles driven, funding energy efficiency projects in our community.10to provide a one-month membership for a low-income community member.15helps fund our online newsletter, bringing transportation news to over 5000 people each month.25to support collaborative solutions to our community's transportation enhance access to transportation while reducing its negative environmental and economic impacts.
Ithaca Children's Garden5One tool for sparking curiosity10One tool for inviting exploration25One tool for nurturing discovery40One tool for sharing abundance​ One tool for inspiring environmental stewardship​
Ithaca Fringe Festival5launching our first-ever Kids’ Fringe activities & performances for & by the under-16 crowd! 10curtains, backdrops, and banners for our downtown venues 15introducing the 48-hour dance choreography exhibition 20outreach to Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, NYC, Philly, etc., to boost local tourism train and equip our wonderful, hardworking, passionate arts-loving interns and volunteers
Ithaca Health Alliance & Ithaca Free Clinic5Provides herbal medicine for an Ithaca Free Clinic patient10Pays for prescriptions for uninsured patients at the Ithaca Free Clinic15Pays for lab tests for low-income patients diagnosed with multiple illnesses20Provides medical care for neighbors who otherwise delay seeing a doctor for fear of the costSupports our mission of facilitating access to health care for all!
Ithaca Kitchen Cupboard, a program of Area Congregations Together5Will provide BABY items: diapers or baby foods, cereals, or formula for 3 days15Will provide BREAKFAST items (eggs, or cereal and milk, juice) for 3 families 25Will provide LUNCHES (soup, sandwich items, fruit) for 5 families40Will provide DINNER entrees (frozen or canned meats, fish or stews) and sides for 10 householdsWill provide nutritious food to keep our shelves full every day for families in need in Ithaca
Lehman Alternative Community School Katrina Relief Trip5Buys 3 paintbrushes for painting the homes we repair in New Orleans!10Buys a set of 6 screwdrivers for putting up sheetrock in homes affected by Hurricane Katrina.15Puts up one wall of sheetrock in a home affected by Hurricane Katrina.20Goes toward a gallon of paint for repainting houses in New Orleans. Help send a student to New Orleans so they can help rebuild people’s homes.
Loaves and Fishes of Tompkins County525 servings of milk; a nutritious beverage for our children
at each free weekday meal.
104 corian plates; an environmentally friendly way to serve our daily meals.1585 servings of fresh vegetables for our vegan and vegetarian guests.20Supports the Emergency Fund for urgent guest needs, including bus fare, blankets & prescriptions.Supports the Free Meal and Advocacy Programs for our guests, each weekday, ALL YEAR LONG!
Love Knows No Bounds5Donate building materials in ongoing aid to Katrina survivors in New Orleans10Rebuilding efforts locally through LKNB’s new Neighbor2neighbor program15Provide local delivery of home furnishings to survivors of domestic violence20Give the gift of light to Haitian students with a Nokero solar light bulbOpen support for LKNB’s local, national, and international community-building and relief-work
Multicultural Resource Center5One colorful, cultural newsletter can be printed out for our community to read! 15A delicious snack for 10 people to eat at a Talking Circle on Race & Racism.255 people to go to the movies for free during The MRC's Film Series at Cinemapolis! 50This gift goes to an Indigenous artist to perform at the First People's Festival.Help us further a culture of learning and innovation within our workspace through trainings.
National Alliance on Mental Illness, Finger Lakes5Informational folders on mental illness for families with loved ones at a local hospital.10Help sponsor a workshop for caregivers of children with mental illness.25Provide a book for the NAMI Finger Lakes library.40Consultation, education and support for a family struggling with mental illness.Help fund programs to inform Tompkins County residents about major mental illnesses.
Northeast KIDS COUNT, Inc.5Admission for one child into the Rosamond Gifford Zoo during our full day program!10Buys glue and construction paper for countless arts and crafts!15Provides training for our staff in Common Core Math to help tutor children with their homework!20A NEW BASKETBALL!Gifts go towards sponsoring a child to attend Northeast Kids Count!
OAR of Tompkins County5Cards, postage and other writing supplies to help someone incarcerated keep in touch with loved ones10Donate tokens for 2 loads of laundry or new socks and underwear for someone just out of jail15Supply phone card, back pack or bus pass to help clients with communication and transportation20OAR’s emergency housing fund to shelter a client on cold nights if they cannot go to the ShelterDonate to further OAR’s mission in advocating for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated
SewGreen/Social Ventures5Pays for a take-home sewing kit for a child from a lower income home10Helps pay for a free class for kids from an urban elementary school20Helps pay for a sewing camp scholarship for a child in foster care or from a lower income home50Supports SewGreen's free teen apprenticeships and jobs program for youthSupports SewGreen's reuse, education, ethical fashion, and youth apprenticeship and jobs program
SPCA of Tompkins County5Provide food, a warm bed, and rescue from roaming or neglect.10Provide life-saving vaccinations and parasite treatment for all shelter animals.20Provide a complete veterinary examination to identify areas of concern and treatment.25Prevent pet overpopulation by helping with the cost for spay or neuter of every shelter animal.Help support expensive, critical care through our Angel Fund.
St. James African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church5Pens and art supplies for bible study activities.10Children’s books for the children’s book club.15Snacks for the movie documentary discussion night.20A robe for a child in the children’s choir.Support a low-income young adult from St. James AME Zion church to attend college.
Sustainable Tompkins, Inc.5to support the Neighborhood Mini-grant Program.10toward a Finger Lakes Climate Fund grant to help a local family make their home climate-ready.15to support activism to prevent development of more fossil-fuel infrastructure.20to offset one ton of carbon emissions from holiday travel with the Finger Lakes Climate Fund.For Social Equity, Economic Vitality, Ecological Stewardship and Shared Responsibility
The Memory Maker Project5Paint without brushes is like peanut butter without jelly. Buys 3 small brushes to create memories!5"What are the stars made of?" Buys 5 paper pads so friends with memory loss can write lovely poetry.10Take grandpa's hand & read a story! Buys one book written especially for people with memory loss. 10A picture is worth a thousand memories! Buys one small frame for our Pop-Up Gallery.Supports FREE cultural events for your friends, family & neighbors with memory loss all year long!
The Mental Health Association in Tompkins County5A plate full of delicious, nutritious food at one of our weekly community outreach dinners5Healthy snacks for the children in our Therapeutic Recreation Program101-on-1 mentoring and skill-building activities for at-risk youth in our community10Games, crafts, and activities for our weekly Teen Support GroupScholarships for Mental Health First Aid, and other community mental health trainings
Tompkins County Dog Owners Group (TC Dog)5covers the costs of a family’s enjoyment (bags and composting) of the dog park for one WEEK 15covers the cost of Cayuga Compost pickup for the entire dog park for one WEEK25pays for poop bags for one dog’s daily visits to the dog park for a WHOLE YEAR50contribution towards WHITE PINE TREE(S) to be planted in the dog parkcontribution towards the construction of a WIND SHELTER for visitors who aren’t romping about
Tompkins County Public Library Foundation5Make learning possible throughout a lifetime by supporting a vibrant collection of books and media15Empower young people with access to the latest technology at the Library's Teen Center25Support training and small group instruction in the Library's 21st Century Learning Lab50Sustain and enhance the Annual Fund to continue dynamic cultural and civic programs at the LibraryProvide the bridge between evolving needs and existing support so the Library can remain relevant
Tompkins Learning Partners5Pencils and paper for one adult student.10Training materials for volunteer tutors.20Two hours of childcare for an adult student.25A book designated for low-level adult readers.Support for TLP’s literacy tutoring for adults.
Village At Ithaca10Provides culturally diverse and bilingual reading materials to school-age children.20Supports academic success by providing two hours of tutoring for a middle or high school student.25Provides academic assistance for 2nd-12th grade students during a 5-week summer achievement program.30Provides advocacy training to community members who assist families in navigating Ithaca Schools.Ensure all students in Ithaca's Public Schools meet or exceed standards of achievement.
Women's Opportunity Center5Undergarment Fund: Your $5 contribution will help one job seeker purchase needed undergarments10Job Readiness kit: personal care items, cold weather clothing, or a flash drive15Scholarship Fund: One job seeker will receive specialized work clothing, drivers license, or a lunch20Emergency Transportation: One job seeker will receive support with either a gas card or a bus pass Open gifts will assist clients with career counseling, computer training, and on the job training
Wood's Earth - CTA5Give a full Fresh Snack serving to all students in one classroom10Purchase the ingredients for one day of Fresh Snack for over 900 students25Give over 900 students the gift of fresh classroom snacks for two full days30Help make fresh meals and snacks affordable to schools and fair to farmersSupport us in engaging all of Ithaca youth in fresh school food in the soil, kitchen and classroom.
Youth Farm Project5Seeds for the farm to grow healthy food and make it available to our community and schools.10 Berry bushes for our perennial garden to grow our value-added product, Current Raspberry jam.15Tools for our Youth to work with: wheelbarrow, trowels, dogging forks, hand pruners, work gloves.20Funding for our economically and racially diverse teens to participate in a summer at the farm.Inspire and empower young people,give them meaningful work, and create change in the food system.

The Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair is fiscally sponsored by The Center for Transformative Action.

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