What is an alternative gift fair?

The Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair is a fun way to bypass the annual stress of holiday shopping and “stuff” accumulation while honoring friends and relatives with donations to causes that fit their values.

What’s more, the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair provides critical support for a diverse collection of community organizations whose work has local, national, and international reach.

Ok, but what is an “Alternative Gift”?

An alternative gift is a gift given to someone in need, in lieu of spending money on items which your friends and family may not need.  So instead of a wrapped package of “stuff,” you will have a card which states something like “Seasons’ Greetings! In your honor, I have donated 3 children’s books to XYZ organization’s library.”  Gifts in the past have ranged from $5 to give a compact fluorescent light bulb to a local, rural household; $10 for a week of school, clothing and two meals a day for an orphan in Zambia; to $100 for a “Golden Opportunity” scholarship fund to help students remain successful in area schools.

How does the gift fair work?  What do I do there?

Each organization that participates in the fair offers variously priced “gifts” that have a specific purpose.   There are generally 250 – 300 gifts to choose from.

  1. Pick up a booklet which describes each organization and what they are raising money for, along with a mapped layout of the two churches where the organizations have displays..
  2. Walk around and look at the displays, talk with the organization representatives, and decide which types of “gifts” you might like to give.
  3. After visiting with all of the organizations you are interested in, fill out a form listing your choices and go to the “checkout” table.
  4. Make one payment for all of your “gifts.” For each “gift,”, you will receive a holiday card with a description of the organization and of the specific “gift.”

*** If you pay by credit card, the credit card fees are deducted before your donation is given to your organizations.  We do prefer checks or cash.


I am INTERESTED, but can’t make it this year. Is there another way to participate?

Yes.  You can make your selections and pay online from December 7 until December 31.   However, you will not receive gift cards for your selections.

Our mission is to…

...“provide our community with a meaningful alternative to holiday gift giving, one which celebrates personal charity, community health and well being, and the preservation of the planet.”

The Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair is fiscally sponsored by The Center for Transformative Action.

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